About Us

Chuan Foong Hardware Sdn Bhd is a leading hardware supplier in Malaysia, who has been providing pipe and fittings to a wide range of industries since its establishment in 2006. Our flanges, valves and gaskets provide a complete package for our clients of diverse industrial backgrounds.

Chuan Foong Hardware is a hardware shop in Puchong, Malaysia and we offer a complete list of flanges, valves and gaskets among other pipe and fittings. More than 10 years of experience in the hardware supply industry has enabled us to gain a lot of understanding in this field.

One of the main products that we offer is valves, which makes us to become a renowned valve supplier in Malaysia. Our valve list consists of gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and others that come in different types of materials.

Chuan Foong Hardware was established in 2006, and since then we have gradually worked our way to become a competent valve supplier of pipes and fittings in Malaysia. More than 12 years of experience has led us to constantly bring customer satisfaction to the next level, in terms of the product quality and our services. Our large and modern warehouse in Taman Perindustrian Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor is well-stocked with a broad range of pipes and fittings that can cater to many of the industrial usage in Malaysia.

Chuan Foong Hardware is headed by Mr. Koo Kiem Hou, Mr. Koo Kiem Meng and Mr. Koo Kiem Fwei, the founders and directors of such a well-established company. Using their experiences and knowledge in the pipes and fitting industry as leverage, they steer the overall direction of Chuan Foong Hardware towards a mutual goal. The finance and administration of the organisation is managed by Pang Cheng Leong, a certified Chartered Accountant whom responsible for the reformation of the company’s internal operations.

The founders and directors, namely Mr. Koo Kiem Hou, Mr. Koo Kiem Meng and Mr. Koo Kiem Fwei are instrumental in dominating the overall direction of the company, lending their best of experience and know-how of the industry into Chuan Foong Hardware. Financial and administration aspect of the organization is led by a certified Chartered Accountant Pang Cheng Leong, single handedly bringing reforms into the company’s internal operating procedures with backing from a team of experienced employees.

What We Do

Committed and stay focused in whatever we do, our company has never stop finding ways in meeting your demands and expectations, pledged to offer the finest quality of hardware products and viable fitting solutions at reasonable price. We strives to differentiate from our rivalries in Malaysia.

Our large selection of pipe and fitting hardware products such as valves, gaskets and flanges are able to cater to diversified industries such as Oil and Gas Industry; you name it, we have it. We do have different categories available here like carbon steel fittings, carbon steel pipes, etcetera.

Commitment and Strengths

Quality Products – the years of involvement in the industry, with the valuable experience from founders and directors has absolutely assured of this conviction to our valued customers. Suppliers and vendors have been with us since day one, so that we are able to ensure products sourced and delivered are of optimum quality, further screened by our procurement department prior to delivering to customers.

Unique Pricing – Enjoying the fruits of long established relationship with suppliers and vendors has enabled Chuan Foong Hardware to be in the front-runner to secure best pricing in the stocks we source, directly translating into customers’ benefits in terms of pricing and savings. This unique presence in Chuan Foong Hardware allows ample rooms for negotiation between us and our valued customers.

Excellent Service – At Chuan Foong Hardware, we are a believer in a great harmony within the members of the company, ensuring synergistic relationship among employees. The unity and alliance of our manpower further enhanced by cordial and “near-to-zero-hierarchy” culture, we manage to serve our customers with extra care, ensuring timely and speedy delivery while maintaining appropriate customer relationships.

We cordially invite all to get in touch with us today, we shall be serving you with all your needs and requirements in piping and fittings at best as we can!
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